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Homeless Chic

So, I have this sick apartment being built that I was supposed to move into this week...

But, because too many good things happen to me:

God thinks it is funny to keep bumping back my move in day and to turn me into a homeless person to try and teach me a lesson:

This has confused some of my admirers, and thus I want to send a message to the fashion world: You don't have to be inspired by EVERYTHING I do. 

Being homeless isn't glam.... I am talking to you Vivienne Westwood:

Above is a still for her Fall/Winter 2010 collection from her recent Milan show. Check it out if you don't believe me.

All I have to say is this... if you are going to use my life as your source of inspiration, why don't you put me up at the W until my apartment is done and then we can call it even?


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