Sex and the Cities


Name: megan

Likes: cardigans. crowns. my boyfriend's band, the sam bradley band (hi jeff).

Dislikes: calories. capitalization. knock-offs.

Current City: san diego, ca

Favorite City: montreux, switzerland

Fashion Icon: rachel zoe. she's more a life icon - from her accessorizing to her oversizing to her love for green tea to her vocabulary to her rodger and brad.

Favorite Designer: alexander wang

Favorite Model: lily aldridge

Favorite Film: legally blonde (obviously why i'm in law school)

Favorite Artist: andy warhol

I Wish I Could Have Dinner With _________ at __________: celine dion at souplantation

I Wish ______ Would Give Me Their Wardrobe: mary kate olsen

I Am Currently Lusting After: agate jewelry

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: my blackberry, chapstick, & my louis speedy or neverfull

Three Things I Am Currently Obsessing Over: double rings, the entire we the free line, my wildfox pisces tee

My Go-To Everyday Look Is _____________: over-sizing/layering/accessorizing (san diego hasn't warmed up yet). basically rachel zoe's styling genius circa two thousand four.

Personal Style Philosophy: "I don't really like to wear the same thing twice." - RZ

Who Is Lady Lagerfeld?

Name: Morgan 

Seen Above With Veronica at the Getty ♥


Coffee Table Books, Fashion Magazines, French Bulldogs, Hotel Beds, Fresh Flowers


Fake Bags, Saving Money, When People Preach About Diet Coke Being Bad For You

Current City:

Los Angeles, CA

Favorite City:


Fashion Icon:

Anna Dello Russo mixed with Audrey Hepburn 

Favorite Designer:

 Karl Lagerfeld is a deity. I just wrote an A+ worthy paper on him.

Favorite Model:

Izabel Goulart & Jon Kortajarena

Favorite Film:

A Single Man, Marie Antoinette, Mean Girls, When Harry Met Sally, Closer, Clueless

Favorite Artist:

 Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky

I Wish I Could Have Dinner With __________ at __________:

I wish I could have dinner with Tom Ford at Babbo in NYC.... dream life? I think we could fall in love.

I Wish _________ Would Give Me Their Wardrobe:

ANNA DELLO RUSSO!!!!!!!! MY DREAM... and I'd be down if the Olsens wanted to give me their shoes and bags

I Am Currently Lusting After __________:

Louis Vuitton black handle monogram luggage, a python Proenza Schouler bag I saw at Barney's, all things purple, and James Franco..... delishhh 

Three Things I Can’t Live Without:

 Diet Coke,  Perfume, My Soulmates

Three Things I Am Currently Obsessing Over:

Colin Firth, Julia Restoin Roitfeld's apartment, and my evil eye ring I just bought.

My Go-To Everyday Look Is _____________:

Black is my signature color, but I have been mixing in a lot of animal prints and pops of color... I try to dress for where I am going, unless where I am going is a bore (i.e. school), then it is more fun to dress for where you wish you were going. (i.e. for a stroll in Paris).

Personal Style Philosophy:

Let your style reflect what you love, who you are, and most importantly, who you want to be!


MRL's No Longer MIA.


xoxo. mrl.

just kidding princesses. i owe the blog more than that. especially considering i'm in the most boring/least stylish city of the four of us (sorry san diego, you know it's true. attending the san diego style exhibit in balboa park with morgan and chantal verified that).

so, since i'm in the least glam city, that means i have to do much more research searching for style inspiration, which you pretties will reap the benefits of (aka the fruits of my labor spending hours on who what wear, polyvore and net-a-porter).

i've also always lived by the theory that my style/life icon and reason for living once said herself.

"people collect art. people collect stamps. i collect clothes."

- rachel zoe

rz speaks the truth. more to come.