Sex and the Cities


J'adore Gaga

Figuring out how to wear diet coke??? Genius. 

Lady Lagerfeld


The Master At Work

Do you understand yet that I am obsessed?

Lady Lagerfeld


ADR Pearl of Wisdom #3

"Whatever. I don’t care where I go. I don’t care if it’s freezing or cold or raining—whatever is part of the look. That’s my philosophy".

More Reasons Why Karl Lagerfeld Needs To Adopt Me

Q: Who is badass enough to have Glaciers on the runway?

A: His Royal Highness Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel A/W 2010 show
a team of sculptors formed these monstrosities *sorry fashionista, check your facts, they weren't imported from Sweden*

...then using a water runway to reflect the glaciers??? genius. 
you've done it again uncle K

Your Lady

Top 3 Best Dressed Pics For The 2010 Oscars: Lady Lagerfeld

1. Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel (complete with the temporary tats)

2. Mr. Tom Ford, In Tom Ford.
why so sexy Tom? quit teasing me.

3.  Regina George in Elie Saab

Lady Lagerfeld


ADR Pearl of Wisdom #2

"Oh, shoes—another nightmare, because I love the shoes. I have many, many pairs. I have the shoes in a big library—a huge library, everything together. Louboutin shoes, Prada shoes, Yves Saint Laurent shoes, Gucci shoes. Rather than books, you have shoes library."