Sex and the Cities


Prepare For Obsession

Just kidding... obviously you are already obsessed. Welcome to Sex And The Cities, the genius brainchild that keeps us all united whilst simultaneously keeping everyone entertained.

And entertain we will, seeing as in the past year alone the four of us have done amazing things like crashing the most exclusive parties, chilling backstage at both rock and runway shows, meeting style icons DVF and Rachel Zoe, all while continuing to accumulate wardrobes that would rival Anna Dello Russo's (we wish... KARL PLEASE ADOPT US).

Even though best friends should never be kept apart, sadly the four of us are forced to be star crossed lovers the majority of this year, as we all are busy chasing different goals... I guess you really can't have everything. Luckily for you, we are in four of the best cities in the world: New York, LA, San Diego, and oh, yeah... MILAN. Even though most of the magic happens when we are together, this blog is going to help document that which happens when we are apart... skyping to compare going out outfits, BBMing pictures while shopping on 5th avenue... you know, the usual long distance relationship stuff...


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