Sex and the Cities



I know, I know.
We suck.

But we all have valid excuses.

Chantal is jetsetting all over Europe. Morgan is moving into her new LA palace. Veronica is living the life people would literally pay thousands of dollars for in NY. And I just got back from Vancouver.

Side note: I'd like to change my favorite city from Montreux to The Couve...

School's winding down for all of us - so we promise to be better bloggers shortly.



adopt me, please



um... just watched this while wearing ABERCROMBIE shorts... granted i should probably not admit that in a public forum... If that is not fate I don't know what is...

xx Lady Lagerfeld


blogging is hard.



J'adore Gaga

Figuring out how to wear diet coke??? Genius. 

Lady Lagerfeld


The Master At Work

Do you understand yet that I am obsessed?

Lady Lagerfeld


ADR Pearl of Wisdom #3

"Whatever. I don’t care where I go. I don’t care if it’s freezing or cold or raining—whatever is part of the look. That’s my philosophy".

More Reasons Why Karl Lagerfeld Needs To Adopt Me

Q: Who is badass enough to have Glaciers on the runway?

A: His Royal Highness Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel A/W 2010 show
a team of sculptors formed these monstrosities *sorry fashionista, check your facts, they weren't imported from Sweden*

...then using a water runway to reflect the glaciers??? genius. 
you've done it again uncle K

Your Lady

Top 3 Best Dressed Pics For The 2010 Oscars: Lady Lagerfeld

1. Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel (complete with the temporary tats)

2. Mr. Tom Ford, In Tom Ford.
why so sexy Tom? quit teasing me.

3.  Regina George in Elie Saab

Lady Lagerfeld


ADR Pearl of Wisdom #2

"Oh, shoes—another nightmare, because I love the shoes. I have many, many pairs. I have the shoes in a big library—a huge library, everything together. Louboutin shoes, Prada shoes, Yves Saint Laurent shoes, Gucci shoes. Rather than books, you have shoes library."


ADR Pearl of Wisdom #1

Q: Do you have a boyfriend? 

A: Yes, but he doesn’t live with me. There is no space because of the clothes.

"We Would Be Sexy In That City..." Episode 1: Istanbul

Since this is Sex and the CITIES we are going to be dedicating some time to the places that we need to go to together...

aka places we need to take pictures in front of, and test the shopping/night life.

Destination 1: ISTANBUL

Lets be honest... the princesses NEED to stay at this palace:
Ciragan Palace - Kempinski - Istanbul
Ciragan Palace - Kempinski - Istanbul

ORR maybe here at this underwater hotel.... 

And see these sights:
And lunch here:
Les Ottomans

Wanna take us there?





"Once Upon A Time..." Episode 1: DVF

"Now is the time to become a myth" -Diane Von Furstenberg 

Not to live in the past or anything, but when you had a year like we had last year it is kind of hard not to... 

Because this blog is about our friendship and right now we are star-crossed lovers, we are going to have to do a little bit of reminiscing from time to time about the amazing things that happen to us when we are all together..... enter the "Once Upon A Time..." posts. 


Serendipity: not just a delicious 5,000 calorie dessert in Manhattan, but a way of life if you are me or my bff Veronica. 
This past December, Veronica and I were on Melrose doing some Christmas shopping when we decided to go into DVF to get a book for our girl Ella...

We are just casually browsing, the only people in the store, when who walks in and says "has anyone seen my cell phone?"

A Warhol. An Icon. A legend.

DVF in the flesh.

Pretty sure Veronica and I thought that maybe we just died and had somehow landed in Heaven... which obviously would look like a DVF store....

After pinching myself, I mustered up a casual "Hi", like oh hey BFF Diane.

She was unbelievably friendly and amazing... "Hi girls! How are you?"

And then we became best friends and discussed things like Christmas shopping, Aspen, and other  things that bffs talk about.

Obviously I asked for a picture so people could actually believe that this transcendental experience was real... and so that I myself could believe it...

Even though she wasn't wearing make-up, she was awesome and said yes (like a real princess... which she happens to be btw)

BEST PART, I may have creeped on her Iphone and seen that she was e-mailing ALEXANDER WANG.... while I was wearing Alexander Wang (above).... FATE? I RZ Die.

She then signed books for us (and Ella, obvi), and wished us happy holidays. 

It was the best 10 minutes of my least since fashion week...... or meeting John Mayer.... but more on all of that in our next "Once Upon A Time..."


Lady Lagerfeld

"I'm a work of art, I'm a Warhol already"- Jay-Z

To me, the most inspiring people to watch are those who don't limit themselves to one avenue of creativity... i.e.  Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Sofia Coppola...

One of our favorite fashion icons, the lovely Diane Von Furstenberg, is using her penchant for design to decorate a number of hotel rooms at the iconic Claridge's hotel in London.

There is something about being in a posh hotel that is truly magical, and I am sure that if anyone can add to that magic it is our BFF DVF.

Wonder if she will use her own Warhols in the rooms?

Diane, make sure not to forget your best friends, Morgan and Veronica... we could use a royal holiday.

Lady Lagerfeld



Dear Giles Deacon,

I think I love you.

I like golds. I like chocolate browns. I really like crowns, which were used intermittently on your runway.




Ana Beatriz.

& Rosie (but only because she's Flaca's doppelganger).

And while, to be honest, I only wanted to wear one thing from your Fall 2010 RTW collection (Ana Beatriz's), you still managed to win my heart by putting all my true loves on the same runway at something other than a VS show. And you even managed to give Karolina work... Well done.


Jersey Shore + Fashion?

Jersey Shore + Fashion?

That's harper's.

And although princesses often use the word "Harper's" in place of bizarre (...get it?),
especially after Veronica's internship at the fashion mag, this time I'm not being facetious.

Harper's Bazaar truly will have the guidettes making an appearance.

And while at first glance that still seems harper's, the lovelies at Fashionista made a valid
point before trashing their inclusion into the world of high fashion.

"The Jersey Shore gang embraces its guido-dom... these people aren’t trying to be anything but themselves.
And that makes them, in their own way, truly fashionable."

This resonated and reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, which happens to be by
Veronica's new boss, the Anna Wintour:

“Create you own individual style. I’m not interested in the girl who walks into my

office in a head to toe label straight off the runway. I’m interested in a

girl who puts herself together in an original independent way.”

And while, yes, J-Woww would most likely not quite fit in at the Vogue
office, there is definitely something to be said for having your own unique
style and unwaivering confidence behind it.


ps best royal wishes go out to Veronica tomorrow, who most definitely will
be fitting in at the Vogue office for her first day in the events department
tomorrow, no matter which ensemble she picks out.

Elle Woods

(me bored in family law, flaca in milan)

wishes she had a bff like Flaca to ichat her whilst bored at law school.


New Habbits

Are hard to break in....
like my new shoes that left my toes numb for 2 DAYS!

That was wayyy harsh Yves.

And this blog... which has been a struggle.... but I am making a commitment to shift all of my procrastination time from Facebook to SATC.

More to come,


BFF Pixelated Conversation:

truly a work of art.

Lady & Ella



I hope she didn't faint because she forgot to eat her cube of cheese!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding, I just talked to her and she is busy, but really, we are in serious need of our red headed vixen.

The Rest of the Princesses

Sisters Have More Fun

Date night with the sister... jealous?

Lady Lagerfeld

Sisterhood of the Traveling DJ???

Thanks To Calvin Harris's affinity for outfit repeating, we can pretend that we met him together...

Even though the top picture was taken in Barcelona and the bottom pic in San Diego a little over a week apart.

Damn, he really does get all the girls, doesn't he?

Thanks for helping us pretend we are together Calvy, call me.
Lady Lagerfeld

Ciao Bella!!!

Name: Yves Saint la Ella

Current City: Milano, Italy

Favorite City: Madrid, Spain. (little known fact, Ella is Spanish)

Fashion Icon: Olsen twins, Anna Dello Russo, Jacque O, Sarah Jessica Parker,

Favorite Designer: Dolce and Gabbana, Diane von Furstenburg, Missoni, McQueen

Favorite Model: Anja Rubik & Jon Kortajarena

Favorite Film: A little Princess ( clearly)

Favorite Artist: Warhol & Rothko

I Wish I Could Have Dinner With Sir. Richard Branson at Necker Island. I could ask questions for days...

I Wish Anna Dello Russo Would Give Me Her Wardrobe. I'd die RZ die. Lets be honest, the OLSEN twins, they can call me anytime they get over anything...

I Am Currently Lusting After the Givenchy Pandora and YSL studded tank.

Things I Can’t Live Without: my iPhone, Loubis, Jbrands, Red and Pale lipstick, ARTY rings, YSL's.

Things I Am Currently Obsessing Over: My Brown cutout pump YSL’s, green harem pants, Two finger rings, ARTY rings, TopShop Unique clutch (as seen on facebunter), FaceHunter, Milan Fashion Week

My Go-To Everyday Look Is Black tights, Loubi’s, animal print top.

Personal Style Philosophy: ANIMAL print ALWAYS works and is always SEXY.


"My friends are my estate." - Emily Dickinson

"If friends are estates, we live in Versailles." - Veronica

twenty ten is the year of the princess.

congrats are in order to the blonde and redhead princesses this week.

chantal for catching the eye of vogue italia at milan fashion week and living like royalty in milan.

and veronica for getting a job in the SPECIAL EVENTS DEPARTMENT AT VOGUE.

the universe loves princesses.




Ella Saint Laurent at Milan fashion week