Sex and the Cities


MRL's No Longer MIA.


xoxo. mrl.

just kidding princesses. i owe the blog more than that. especially considering i'm in the most boring/least stylish city of the four of us (sorry san diego, you know it's true. attending the san diego style exhibit in balboa park with morgan and chantal verified that).

so, since i'm in the least glam city, that means i have to do much more research searching for style inspiration, which you pretties will reap the benefits of (aka the fruits of my labor spending hours on who what wear, polyvore and net-a-porter).

i've also always lived by the theory that my style/life icon and reason for living once said herself.

"people collect art. people collect stamps. i collect clothes."

- rachel zoe

rz speaks the truth. more to come.


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