Sex and the Cities


Who Is Lady Lagerfeld?

Name: Morgan 

Seen Above With Veronica at the Getty ♥


Coffee Table Books, Fashion Magazines, French Bulldogs, Hotel Beds, Fresh Flowers


Fake Bags, Saving Money, When People Preach About Diet Coke Being Bad For You

Current City:

Los Angeles, CA

Favorite City:


Fashion Icon:

Anna Dello Russo mixed with Audrey Hepburn 

Favorite Designer:

 Karl Lagerfeld is a deity. I just wrote an A+ worthy paper on him.

Favorite Model:

Izabel Goulart & Jon Kortajarena

Favorite Film:

A Single Man, Marie Antoinette, Mean Girls, When Harry Met Sally, Closer, Clueless

Favorite Artist:

 Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky

I Wish I Could Have Dinner With __________ at __________:

I wish I could have dinner with Tom Ford at Babbo in NYC.... dream life? I think we could fall in love.

I Wish _________ Would Give Me Their Wardrobe:

ANNA DELLO RUSSO!!!!!!!! MY DREAM... and I'd be down if the Olsens wanted to give me their shoes and bags

I Am Currently Lusting After __________:

Louis Vuitton black handle monogram luggage, a python Proenza Schouler bag I saw at Barney's, all things purple, and James Franco..... delishhh 

Three Things I Can’t Live Without:

 Diet Coke,  Perfume, My Soulmates

Three Things I Am Currently Obsessing Over:

Colin Firth, Julia Restoin Roitfeld's apartment, and my evil eye ring I just bought.

My Go-To Everyday Look Is _____________:

Black is my signature color, but I have been mixing in a lot of animal prints and pops of color... I try to dress for where I am going, unless where I am going is a bore (i.e. school), then it is more fun to dress for where you wish you were going. (i.e. for a stroll in Paris).

Personal Style Philosophy:

Let your style reflect what you love, who you are, and most importantly, who you want to be!


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