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"Once Upon A Time..." Episode 1: DVF

"Now is the time to become a myth" -Diane Von Furstenberg 

Not to live in the past or anything, but when you had a year like we had last year it is kind of hard not to... 

Because this blog is about our friendship and right now we are star-crossed lovers, we are going to have to do a little bit of reminiscing from time to time about the amazing things that happen to us when we are all together..... enter the "Once Upon A Time..." posts. 


Serendipity: not just a delicious 5,000 calorie dessert in Manhattan, but a way of life if you are me or my bff Veronica. 
This past December, Veronica and I were on Melrose doing some Christmas shopping when we decided to go into DVF to get a book for our girl Ella...

We are just casually browsing, the only people in the store, when who walks in and says "has anyone seen my cell phone?"

A Warhol. An Icon. A legend.

DVF in the flesh.

Pretty sure Veronica and I thought that maybe we just died and had somehow landed in Heaven... which obviously would look like a DVF store....

After pinching myself, I mustered up a casual "Hi", like oh hey BFF Diane.

She was unbelievably friendly and amazing... "Hi girls! How are you?"

And then we became best friends and discussed things like Christmas shopping, Aspen, and other  things that bffs talk about.

Obviously I asked for a picture so people could actually believe that this transcendental experience was real... and so that I myself could believe it...

Even though she wasn't wearing make-up, she was awesome and said yes (like a real princess... which she happens to be btw)

BEST PART, I may have creeped on her Iphone and seen that she was e-mailing ALEXANDER WANG.... while I was wearing Alexander Wang (above).... FATE? I RZ Die.

She then signed books for us (and Ella, obvi), and wished us happy holidays. 

It was the best 10 minutes of my least since fashion week...... or meeting John Mayer.... but more on all of that in our next "Once Upon A Time..."


Lady Lagerfeld

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